Music excellence for everyone!

Mohan L


A composer, Pianist and Keyboard player, Mohan is a well-established musician who is highly credited with Programming and Arranging skills. He started learning western music from his master SYED NABIL BASHA and with his passion for music, he has completed 8 grades in Western classical Theory of Music & Practical both in Piano and Keyboard from Trinity college of London with distinction.

Music started off as a school-time hobby for Mohan but eventually bloomed into a passionate music teaching career. With the never-ending support of fellow musicians and music enthusiasts, his journey started off with his music teaching career since 2012.

To nourish his dreams of encouraging the new generation music enthusiasts with a superior quality education in Western, Carnatic and Hindustani music, Mohan established TRIPLET MUSIC ACADEMY in the year 2018. He up skills the music tutors and establish modern music program in the digital era to build a strong curriculum for the learners from beginners to masters.

Mohan is in charge of all academic activities of TRIPLET MUSIC ACADEMY. He considers providing quality inputs to those who purse their dreams in the field of music as one of his best personal achievements. His primary goal is to connect the musical minds together.