About Triplet

Visiting Triplet Music Academy

Campus Tours

Prospective students and their parents are invited to attend a tour, witness jamming sessions by students, take a demo class and explore what Triplet Music Academy has to offer.

If you are hoping to meet with a faculty member during your visit, please contact us.

Who are we?

Love for music and joy of spreading it has been the inspiration behind Triplet Music Academy. With a team of experienced professionals, we make music learning a joyous pursuit. We cater to a wide spectrum of learners right from beginners to advanced learners and from any age group. Whether your pursuit is for pleasure or profession, we make it happen for you.

Where are we?

We are Currently located at Thirumalai Nagar, Perungudi, Chennai. TRIPLET has plans to expand Branches through out Chennai soon.

How Do We Accomplish?

The key differentiator at TRIPLET is not just about the ways of learning Music, but about the ways of keeping the students inspired.

Our Unique Value Additions

  • Separate instruments for each students and individual attention.
  • THE SPOTLIGHT IS ON THE PERFORMER with performance classes being conducted every month.
  • MUSIC APPRECIATION CLASSES Analysis, workshops and discussion on various forms of music such as Carnatic, Hindustani, Pop, Rock etc. helps you understand music well.
  • Studio Experience: With state of the art studio setup, students are given good exposure to recordings and cover song making.
  • Outdoor Experience: students are treated to Competitions, Events and Concerts to enhance knowledge base and inspire.

AT TRIPLET, We focus on...

  • Structured lesson patterns enhance quality of learning. We embrace creativity in all its forms and have tie-ups with Trinity College of London, Associated Board of Royal School of Music, London College of Music and Rock School of Music.
  • THEORY – making the students understand music and guide them in composing the music.
  • Techniques – making the students improve their musical skills through technical exercises, musical pieces and other activities are imparted.
  • Recording Studio Experience, Individual Performance Classes, Annual stage performances, Music Workshops keep the students motivated.